Not just the

best peanuts:

The best nuts,



What exactly are Managawan (pronounced muh-nag’-uh-wahn)?

Ask anyone who’s tried them and they’ll tell you they’re the best

hand-roasted nuts they’ve ever tasted.


Big meaty peanuts with a thin crunchy coating. Not sweet like

honey-roasted, and not too salty like a lot of mass-produced pretzels

or chips. Just palette-pleasing peanuts with a crunchy shell that

gives each one a unique, savory taste, unlike any other nuts.


In addition to Managawan, we also have two spicy varieties:

ManagaWow and ManagaWhoa. Both offer that same yummy

crunch, but ManagaWow also delivers a nice zingy kick in the coating. ManagaWhoa, our super spicy version, is laced with Carolina Reaper Peppers and is not for the faint of heart. But if you have a taste 

for spicy foods, trying each is a Managa-must.


And unlike all those other snacks out there

(ummm, pork rinds, really?) nuts are actually good for you! 

Check out some noteworthy nutritional facts about peanuts.

Healthline: Peanuts 101: Nutrition Facts and Benefits

Consumer Reports: Are Peanuts actually good for you?

Everyday Health: Eat Peanuts,Live Longer

So stop settling for the same old mass-produced, cookie-cutter,

corporate snack foods, and jump on the Managa-wagon. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree with us these are the best nuts you’ve ever tasted.


Not just the best peanuts: the best nuts. Period.

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